Game Donwload Tutorial

This PC bus wala game ranks among the top games currently available. To maximize your driving pleasure, it is recommended to use a gaming steering wheel setup. Traverse thousands of kilometers and be astonished by the immersive experience provided by this bus simulator game. Download the ‘Bus Wala Game’ now for an exhilarating gaming experience. 

Follow Step 1 & Step 2 instructions below.

Step 1

This video offers a detailed guide on downloading the game. By default, the game does not include buses for you to use and drive. To access buses, you’ll need to install additional mods.

Step 2

In this tutorial, you’ll discover the process of installing mods, including instructions for adding bus mods, map mods, graphics mods, and more. Following these steps will enhance your experience in this bus wala game.

Following the game installation in Step 1, proceed to install mods. First, open and close the game once before undertaking the steps below:

  1. Explore numerous free mods available on the internet; search for “Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods.”
  2. Download your desired mod; these files typically come in .scs format.
  3. Copy the .scs format files to your computer’s “My Documents -> Euro Truck Simulator 2 -> Mods” directory.
  4. Launch the game, select your preferred profile, and access the mod manager. Your added mods will be visible here.
  5. Activate the mods in the mod manager to enhance your gaming experience.
  6. If you’ve activated “bus mods,” you can locate buses at any truck dealer within the game. Enjoy this bus wala game playing!